Stegga MINI Trampoline Scooter


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This Stegga Mini complete trampoline scooter is a carbon copy of the Stegga V2 complete, shrunk down to cater for those younger shredders who want to perfect their tricks on the trampoline!

We have heard the feedback from the community and have designed the deck to emulate a stunt scooter deck measuring between 17" and 18.5" in length, providing younger riders with a better experience than would be available to them on the full size V1 or V2 completes. 

True Weight. True Size. True Response.

• Handlebar: Light Weight Aluminium Bar 20” x 18”
• Deck: 5.5” x 17.5” Stegga Arc Deck V2 (19.75” from front to back)
• Fork: Aluminium Bottom Locking Hidden Fork System (B-Lock HFS) IHC
• Headset: Neco IHC
• Clamp: Aluminium double clamp M6 thread
• Grips: Black Rubber Grips
• Grip Pad: Pre-fitted rubberised 5.5” x 14.5” grip pad.
• Complete Weight: 3.20kg / 7.05lbs

Sold Individually or by the case. 4 Scooters per Case