Scooter Deck Kit


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The much-requested Stegga Deck Kit has finally landed and is perfectly suited to help you take those bangers from your trampoline to the skatepark!

Weighted and sized to simulate the weight and feel of a regular stunt scooter deck, the Stegga Deck Kit incorporates patented design features that allow the Stegga Deck Kit to work seamlessly with your trampoline.

The convex deck shape allows you to bounce higher while also wraps to the surface of the trampoline, helping to prevent tears and rips. Simply slide on your own bars and get going!


True Weight. True Size. True Response.


Features –

  • Headset: Neco IHC
  • Deck: 5.5” x 20.5” Stegga Arc Deck V2 (23.5” from front to back)
  • Grip Pad: Pre-fitted rubberised 5.5” x 20.5” grip pad.
  • Fork: Aluminium Bottom Locking Hidden Fork System (B-Lock HFS) IHC
  • Deck Kit Weight (Deck, Fork, Headset): 2.6kg / 5.73lbs